How to Create a Gig on Fiverr That Converts More Than Ever

This guide has everything about How to create a gig on Fiverr that converts more visitors to your gig.

 If you are new, you’ll have a complete idea about creating a professional gig on Fiverr.

 If you have some knowledge about it, then don’t go back. I’ll reveal some advanced tips and strategies so that you can engage more.

In short, you’ll end up having a complete and ever best approach to create a gig that maximum sellers don’t follow.

Fiverr Introduction

Fiverr is one of the top well known and legitimate website for making money from home.

Fiverr has more than 300 categories that you can work from home using mobile and computers. The most demanding categories are Digital Marketing, Website & apps development, Graphic design, Writing, Animation, and so on. Have a look at Fiverr Categories.

How to create a gig on Fiverr
How to create a gig on Fiverr

Now, let’s dive into the ocean.

As you want to know, How to create a gig on Fiverr, that means you have some skills that you want to sell.

What is Fiverr Gig

A gig is like a shop for your service. At the very beginning, you can create SEVEN gigs according to your skills or service.

fiverr Gigs Example

Make sure, you can not create multiple gigs for the same service. If you do, you’ll be banned by Fiverr. Have a look at Fiverr’s rules and guidelines.

Why learning Gig Creation is important?

Well, Every category, there are so many subcategories in Fiverr, and each category has an avg of 1000-2000 gigs activated.

With an ordinary gig like most of the Fiverr sellers, you will fail to grab attention to your buyers. You would see most of the gigs are failed to attain buyers where some of the gigs would tired because of overloading projects.

In short, an ordinary gig will give you frustration, nothing else.

If I am searching on it like it “SEO link building”.

Example Fiverr

You can see, there are more than 20 pages, and each page has around 50 gigs in it. So if you are failed to create a Fiverr gig properly, then you can not emerge the first page on it. And most of the clients go through only the first page of Fiverr.

Gig Example in Fiverr

At the end of the day, you got disappointed by not acquiring a single client for your service.

Fortunately, there is a way to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page.

Well, before creating a gig, have a look at the two images.

Fiverr Gig Image Comparison Example

What do you think? Which one is more promising, more eye-catching and more trustable?

Who creates the first impression? Which image attracts you to click subconsciously?

Think a little bit what’s the difference between these images.

Are you stuck? Don’t worry!! I will discuss how to properly set up a gig over time.

Believe it by heart,

“you never get a chance to make a first impression”

– Will Rogers

Create a Gig(Step by Step)

So, here are the 5 easy steps you can follow for creating an amazing gig.

Overview Section

After signing up in Fiverr, you have an option on your screen “Create a new gig”.

step one fiverr gig open

Click on it, and you are in your overview section.

Overview Section Fiverr

Title Section: write a short title focusing on your purpose to the point within 80 characters.

Fiverr Gig Title

Make sure not to use ‘full stop’ at the end of your title. Also, no dollar sign, or any other sign. Only use letters and numbers.

Right way to write Fiverr Title

Note: Don’t use ‘FREE’ or ‘Discount OFFER’ in the title. Fiverr may suspend your account.

Category: Select your Category. If you are a programmer, then select ‘Programming and Tech’. If you do SEO, then select ‘Digital Marketing’. 

Category Section Fiverr

If not sure, search similar services in Fiverr marketplace to sure your category. Or click the possible categories, then you will find subcategories that you want to work on it.

fiverr category finding

Sub Category: As you select your category, they show you up all the subcategories under the selected category.

Fiverr SubCategory

Others: Then select additional information in the overview section. Additional information can vary for different categories.

other info: Overview Section

Tag: The most important part of your overview section is to define the appropriate tag you work on. Write your keyword related to your gig and they will show many options. Click one of them. Like this, add up to 5 tags.

Fiverr Gig Tag

Best Practice

Use the tag used by other gigs(at the bottom) that already on the first page in your subcategory.

Competitors Tag
Source:Competitors Tag

Note: Don’t be stingy or lazy while doing this. Without a perfect tag, your gig won’t appear to your clients when they search with that terms.

Pricing Section

After properly completing the overview section, it’s time to fix your price. If you are confused about your overview section, don’t worry. You can always go back and change it. But every time changing gig can cause your ranking drop. So, avoid editing so many times in the beginning, at least. Take your time, properly set it up then publish it.

Ok, now we are in the price section:

Here they show you a 3 packages pricing list by default in the upper right corner. You can change it if you want to provide only one package. A good practice is to keep 3 packages at the beginning for making proper decisions by your buyers.

Fiverr Three Pack

In 3 packages, you have basic, standard, and premium options where you set your service according to prices. In basic, you provide less service with less charge, more work with more charge in standard package, and premium is likely to maximum work for maximum charge.

Fiverr Pricing Section

Watch the video appear in the right section for a better understanding.

Here is a sample pricing section after researching the same types of gigs.

Fiverr Pricing Sample

Add your extra for urgent service.

Fiverr Pricing Extra Pack


  1. The standard package is so popular in Fiverr. Maximum time your standard package will be offered. So, do research by reaching out to other gigs in your industry how they offer, what’s their pricing style.
  2. List at least 15-20 top gigs for researching before you start to make your gig. Then you will have a clear idea about your service and pricing
  3. Don’t set the price too high at the beginning also, don’t set too low. Too high price move your buyers away from you and too low price confuses buyers about your potentiality. Best practice, research it, think it, and fix it.)

Write a Killer Description

Your gig image acts like the first impression where your description acts like your overall conversion point. Will you convert your visitors to your buyer or not, it depends on your description.

Unfortunately, above 80% of Fiverr sellers don’t know how to write a description. Early time, many sellers had copied other’s descriptions, but in 2020 it’s not possible as Fiverr’s guideline is so strict nowadays.

So, the million-dollar question is

How to write a Fiverr Gig Description that converts?

Well, not writing randomly like our intro, services, offers. We follow a super proven model called “AIDA” model.

AIDA Model

AIDA model is such a powerful and systematic model that change the mindset of a stranger and converts him a buyer. It persuades visitors to build a relationship with your product or service.

AIDA Model Funnel

The full form of AIDA is:

  • A = Attention
  • I = Interest
  • D = Desire
  • A = Action.

Build Attention: Tell about your previous work or about your business model.

Maintain Interest: How you are better than others.

Desire: How your gig solves their problems, how your workflow makes things easy for them. (Tell your services using bullet points)

Action: Tell them to take action now. Don’t hesitate or afraid to say, “Feel free to place an order.” Provide the right direction to them. Still, many people need a little push to go ahead. As you are good at your service, why won’t you try to ensure them?

Note: every gig description need not to maintain like that. You just ensure that is your gig capable of converting or not? If you think this sentence or this work experience will convert more, then you must write it. But make sure, grab attention at any cost by the first 1-2 sentences.

A sample:

Here I will show you both the wrong and right practice of writing Fiverr gig description.

Wrong Practice:

Here, carefully notice this image.

What’s the problem in this description? Think and find out.

Is it able to build AIDA? I don’t think so. Why visitors trust you? What’s the converting point you mention? Any experience, or work model, or why you better than others or what unique things you offer as well as how they get benefited from you? Are these mentioned? 

Have a look at the bottom of the gig. This gig says

  1. If there are any problems with this gig, let me know. Does it make any sense? It seems the gig want someone to judge it and let it show the problem “Hey, this gig is such kind of issues.”
  2. Full discount if not satisfied. It somehow makes a doubt in visitor’s subconscious mind that is this gig really worth continuing or not.
  3. No call to action.

So, avoid writing this types of description.

Note: As a beginner, you can refund. But you should technically say it so that the stranger’s mind doesn’t create any doubt.

Description Example3
I’ve collected it from FAQ section. You can use it in your description.

Right Practice

Well, now come to the point you are eagerly waiting for it to do.

Look at the Image.

Read the red boxed paragraph, which builds attention “My three years experience told this should not right approach to do what used to do for so long.”

Note: If you don’t have the experience, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you need to write like this. Analysis top gigs description and creates an idea.

“Yellow box captured the interest saying like this. “By using this groundbreaking approach, many of our clients were successful.”

Now, visitors are likely keen to know what the process and they want to go through further articles, and you know, you can now easily create desire by telling how you solve their problems by your services.

Gig Description Right Approach2

Now, it’s time to sell your service. Don’t hang them up. Push them to buy your service.

Gig Description Right Approach3

See another example:

Note: All things you need to write within 1200 characters. So, create an outline before writing. Otherwise, editing later will be painful, as well as the description may lose its appeal.

Gig Description 1200 Char


Provide an introduction about you to build trust. And clear them all the technical points you use, or they may not clear something about.

Fiverr FAQ

Note: Take your time. Don’t hurry. It’s a one-time investment that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.


In this section, you need to ask for requirements from your clients that you need every time to before proceeding your job, write it.

You can ask for any pdf or text or multiple choice based on your service.

Requirement Section Fiverr

Create the Winning Impression

It’s the most important part of your gig. As you already know, first impression is the last impression, put your 100% focus and efforts to create your most important conversion point.

See below the image:

When a visitor comes for a service, a page looks like, appears on his/her screen.

Fiverr Search Example

So, what’s going on in your mind?

Which one do you pick? You may say the review is a factor. Yes, a review is a significant factor. But when everyone has reviews on the screen or not having any reviews on the screen then how a stranger click on a gig?

Speaking the truth, he doesn’t click, his subconscious mind does click on the gig that looks like so promising, eye-catching. So don’t leave a stone unturned to create a eye catching image.

How do you make the most engaging Fiverr Image? 

Well, the first and last way is to research and compare different gigs within your niche(sub-category). Which one is looking attractive, more eye-catching. Why this gig is getting more offer where another gig is failed to attract clients.

Just research and find out.

Even though, for your help, here I am using 6 criteria.

  • First One: Do not use so many texts in the gig image.Fiverr Image do's don'ts
  • Second One: Use your face. It builds trust and converts more. (In the first image he is not the right person. He is a male but uses a female’s image.Fiverr Image do's don'ts2
  • Third One: Don’t use too much color in your images. It irritates buyers. Maximum 2-3 colors you can use. Also, pay attention to your color combination. It’s one of the most important things to consider.Fiverr Image do's don'ts3
  • Fourth One: Do not use copyright images(if you do not have usages rights).
  • Fifth One: Don’t steal other gigs images. You will be banned.
  • Sixth One: Don’t use any Fiverr badge or FREE or Click here text in your images. Only write about your services.Fiverr Image do's don'ts4

Must have a look: Do’s and Don’ts(Gig Image)

Image Size

Make sure before creating any images, videos, read about their guidelines. In Fiverr your image should less than 5 MB and dimension should be minimum 550*370 px. You can use 3 images at the very beginning. Later you can add more.

And thus, you have your first gig on Fiverr. So, time to publish it and do some marketing on social media for getting clients quickly. Also, send 10 buyer requests daily and respond quickly when anyone will respond to your request.

Now it’s your turn

These are the 5 steps of How to create a gig on Fiverr. I hope It will give you some value if you are new to Fiverr. Your image and description are the more essential parts of your gig. So, take your time to research by viewing other top-class gigs but make sure not to copy them. Copying may block you from Fiverr. So, start publishing your first gig. Best of Luck.

Thanks for going through this article. If you’ve found any value, share it and comment here for letting me know if you have any problems or not. You can contact me for free consultancy.

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