Inner Links: Best Strategy for Local SEO

By this time, you have your final keywords as you might have completed the Keyword Research process.


You already know we will use main and related keywords together in our targeted page and will use back up keywords on our supporting page. 

In this article, we will learn the best way to do inner links between them so that Google would like to give more priority to our targeted page. 

What are the Inner Links?

Inner links define the pages or contents that are naturally connected with each other on your website.
It helps search engine crawlers as well as users to find your website’s contents quickly.

 It’s also called internal links and the process is called internal linking.

According to Matt Cutts,

“The objective is not to make your links appear natural,
The objective is that your links are natural.”


Let a site we consider, ‘’ consists of 20 pages or posts. When every page builds a cycle by pointing others naturally, this process is called internal linking and all links are called inner links.

Inner Links- internal linking process

Inner links generally formed in hyperlinks.

Sample Code

<a href = “”>Website Architecture</a>

Anchor text sample code

Here Website Architecture is a hyperlink (anchor text).

Why is internal linking important for SEO?

Internal linking helps crawlers of any search engine to find your pages and index your pages. 

Very importantly, juice pass(power/authority/PageRank) is done properly to your targeted page by inner links.

internal linking juice pass example

Passing link juice increases your page rank(PR). With increasing page rank, your ranking will be hugely improved.

Juice pass affects rankings

In short, 1: It is one of the best approaches to make google discover your all pages within your website..

In short, 2:It is one of the best factors to rank your site higher and higher.

How Many ways to do inner linking?

There are no fixed types of internal linking. Different SEO experts follow different ways to do that. Most common 4 ways are 

  • Traditional
  • Reverse Traditional
  • Silo
  • Reverse silo

Here we will discuss a very effective way for local SEO inner linking. 

To know all the linking strategies check it out.

Best way to do for Local SEO 

We will use silo and reverse silo method for local SEO according to our business model. 

Let me explain very clearly and simply.

First, we should know about silo.

What is silo

Simply, a silo is a group of related blog posts. The blog post contains anything like it may contain articles, podcasts, infographics, videos, etc.

Let you have a business where you sell 

  1. Dog grooming service
  2. Cat grooming service

You have 5 blog post related to dog grooming like 

  • one sales or service page (Targeted page)
  • two informational posts (supporting pages)
  • one podcast (supporting page)
  • one video post (supporting page)

Look at the image, all are relevant topics of dog grooming are linked to each other. This is a silo of dog grooming.

Silo Architecture example

Like this, if you have some contents about cats grooming, this is another silo.

Reverse silo

As you understand silo, reverse silo is nothing much hard for you to understand.

Combine both of the silos to each other. This is the reverse silo.

reverse silo architecture example

Make sure both silos should make relevant sense. Fortunately, dog grooming and cat grooming are relevant. So here you can use reverse silo carefully.

But if it is like so, you have a human’s health product. Can you build reverse silo here? Absolutely not. It does not make any sense.

silos relevancy example

Now dive into the ways to do it………

Process of linking internally 

By this time, you’ve already known what silo and reverse silo are. 

Now it’s time to have a look at your business model. 

  1. Is it a single product business?
  2. Is it a multi-product business?

Single Product Website

If you have only a single service or product, that means you need only one target page surrounded by many supporting posts.

Single product targeting internal linking

Your home page also maybe your target/sales page, no matter.

Look at the image very carefully.

  1. All supporting posts are interlinked by themselves and make a cycle between them.
  2. All link juices pass between themselves comes from external sources.
  3. Then all juices come on your target page.

This is a very useful technique for passing juice to your targeted page.

Multi Product Website

When you have multiple products, then you should carefully make silos for every product(target page) and naturally interlinked them.
Have a look at the image for a clear understanding.

Multi Product Trageting inner linking

What’s the benefit you will get?

Like link building internal linking is also much important for your website. It impacts hugely on your site.

Some advantages are given below.

  1. As it passes power(juice) into your page, your page rank will increase. If the page rank is increased, you will have figured out a good change in your rankings.
  2. It increases your page view.
  3. As page view increases, bounce rate decreases. It’s also a very important ranking factor.
  4. With an increase of views, your social share and backlinks possibilities also increase. It builds trust in search engines’ eyes.
  5. It helps fast crawling and indexing.  

Avoid doing

You have to avoid some way for better inner linking and not to be penalized by search engines.

  • Avoid using interlinking plugins. Do not forget plugin is just a program. It doesn’t understand properly where you want to pass juice. So, it’s quite possible not to get your expected result by using a plugin. So, do it manually.
  • Avoid using the same anchor text in your every supporting page. Use different anchor text pointing to the same target page. Make Google counts it manual linking.
  • Don’t forget to link your target page as well as interlink themselves(supporting page).
  • While applying reverse silo, make sure to send links in relevant pages.


Make an outline of your website before creating any content. How it will look like, how you manage your internal linking, how you target your service page, everything needs to be very clear before you proceed.

More about Link juice pass(Video)

Now it’s your turn

At the end of this article, you might have a clear idea of how to do inner links in Local SEO for boosting your product page. Now apply it on your business website.

If you don’t understand any points in my article, don’t hesitate to comment below.

If you’ve found any value, share it and comment here for letting me know if you have any problems or not. You can contact me for free consultancy.It would be my honor to help you.

Regards Niks

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