40% OFF for first 3 months. Original price starts from 415$/month.

40% OFF. Get 249$/Month SEO Service. (Covid Offer)

This is a 6 to 12 months project depends on your business. You will start seeing improvement after 3 months. During these 3 months, we will work on on-site, technical parts, and content fixing of your website. After 3 months we will add off-page SEO(link building) and will measure the current state and work for better improvements. We will measure the conversion you get and treat your business as our business to get more success.

Reach us out to get SEO help.

Results You Will Get

The result is not fixed for everyone. It depends on your goal. We will work on your business goals and do everything to achieve your business goals and apply our proven strategies to get more conversion.

Targeted Keyword Ranking

Not all the keywords will benefit you as well as you don’t need every keyword to rank. We will identify the actual keywords that reflect your business goal and work for those keywords to get success.

Laser Traffic Growth

We will analyze the traffic you will get. Our target will be get laser targeted traffic instead of non-valuable traffic. For selling your products/services we will target buying-intent traffic.

More Conversion

Our ultimate goal is to generate conversions. We will track the visitors and analyze their behavior and set our strategy to attract them to buy your product or services.

Our Key SEO Services

SEO Audit

We will audit most important web pages/website & send you a manual report & suggest you fix those issues.

On-page SEO

Fixing your on-page issues for most important pages or full websites. We will do everything manually & send you a 40+ pages report.

Technical SEO

Will fix all technical errors found in your websites,GSC etc. Its most important & hidden part for ranking.

Content Structure

We will outline content map by using artificial intelligence tools that cover everything for quick rankings.

Link Building

You can go with us for link building also. We will provide best quality link building service for your business.

Local/Ecommerce SEO

We will setup everything for local SEO and Ecommerce SEO for generating more conversions.

Google paid ads(PPC)

We will run PPC campaign if you need quick success. Google is best market for running paid campaigns.

Page Speed Optimization

Poor page loading speed is also a ranking factor. We will increase your page loading speed. Web Vitals will be a ranking factor soon.

All in ONE (Monthly)

You will get all services in monthly SEO. PPC Campaign will not include in monthly SEO.( Recommended)

How Our Monthly SEO Works

Month one

Understanding business goal, Full website SEO Audit, fixing most technical issues and fixing most on-page issues. Will increase page loading speed.

Month Two - Three

Starts working with most importants keywords ranking. Fixing existing content structure, add new content, working with site structure and inter-linking.

Month Four - Six

Starts link building and promoting our core content. Works for GMB,GSC,Maps, conversion track etc.(Include 1st 3 months’ task)

Month Seven - Nine

Will analyze Google Analytics. Continuous work for ranking keyword and increase conversion. Infographics creating for content promotion.

Month Ten - Twelve

Depends on the current state and upcoming goal. Can run PPC ads if needed.

Previous Successful Campaign

Birite Campaign is an e-commerce business website based in Australia. We are working for them from March 2019 to till now. They are now ranked for more than 25,000 keywords and at least 1,500 of them are on Google’s first page.  The website had lots of on-page SEO issues and we were successful to resolve all the issues to rank it very fast.

Rokomari Campaign is one of the leading e-commerce books selling site in Bangladesh. We’ve been working with rokomari for around 3 years now. We could help them achieve 112.89% more organic traffic in 2019 in comparison to 2018 (the total traffic growth was 354.23%). We made drastic change with site structure and implemented SEO strategies to rank them first among it’s all other competitors. Today they are number one online ecommerce book selling website in Bangladesh.


What clients say about Me?


“Anik is a super professional and really knows SEO. He took the time to explain a solid strategy and then presented a really clear plan of action, based on thorough research.”



“Anik is so friendly and committed to his job. Since I know him, I just amazed with his speed and accuracy. I recommend Anik and his team for any kind of digital solution.

Kieran Osborne


“Anik is very focused, passionate and committed about his work. He is highly organized, self-motivated, customer focused and result oriented.” Will work with Anik again.

Rama Sankar

Who Am I?

Anik Acharjee

Senior SEO Specialist - Bizcope

I have made 100+ global clients happy alone and I have made 500+ clients happy with my team.

Growth Analyst - dudsfashion

We were able to grow their traffic by 550% only by analyzing their existing customers data.

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