WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Poor Loading Score You face?

One of the biggest weapon to win search engine’s rankings is page loading speed. If you’ve a wordpress website and this is the problem you face, then only 3 to 7 days will enough(depends on the website’s size) to improve your page speed without using any heavy/extra plugins.

Before Optimization

The Solution!

If you’ve faced this loading speed issue and want to increase it above 90%, then you are in the right place. I will boost your website in 5 steps and will solve 90%+ issues your website have.

Main focused Optimization:
✅ Optimize images
✅ Add Expires headers
✅ Enable gzip compression
✅ Leverage browser caching
✅ Defer parsing of JavaScript
✅ Minify CSS, JavaScript, HTML
✅ Reduce server response time
✅ Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ( if needed)
✅ Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Tools using for speed analyzing tests:
👉 GTmetrix (the most accurate one)
👉 Google Pagespeed Insight
👉 Test My Site with Google
👉 Pingdom
👉 Webpagetest
👉 Bytecheck (For analyzing TTFB)

Previous Work Sample

Before and after result

Have a look at the differences:
Before: Page Speed 75%
After : Page Speed 97%👍
Before: YSlow Score 68%
After : YSlow Score 92%👍
Before: Page Load time 3.7s
After : Page Load time 0.7s👍
Before: Page Size 2.86MB
After : Page Size 675KB👍

Have a look at the differences:
Before: Page Speed 60%
After : Page Speed 97%👍
Before: YSlow Score 75%
After : YSlow Score 91%👍
Before: Page Load time 6.3s
After : Page Load time 1.2s👍
Before: Page Size 3.27MB
After : Page Size 1.15MB👍

before and after result

👉 Now, it's your turn !

If you think, you should improve your page loading speed then email me: [email protected] or click the below button and write as a subject line in message box: ‘Want to speed up my WordPress website’.